B1 Writing Practice Cambridge Part 1



Re write the second sentence so it has the same meaning as the first using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

  1. I haven’t been to a concert for a long time.

It’s a long time since                                a concert.

  1. Why don’t you learn a musical instrument?

If I were you,                                     learn a musical instrument

  1. If you don’t practise the piano every day, you won’t improve.

You won’t improve unless                                             the piano every day

  1. There are only a few concerts this month.

There aren’t very                                        concerts this month.

  1. This room is too small for us to play music in.

This room isn’t                                       for us to play music in.

  1. I prefer playing the guitar to playing the piano.

I like playing the guitar                                                 playing the piano

  1. It took them a long time to decide which concert to go to

They spent a long time                                         which concert to go to

  1. We could not take our instruments on the plane.

We were not                                                    take our instruments on the plane.

  1. The neighbour complained that the music at our party was too loud..

We had to play the music more                                             because the neighbour complained.

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